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Just what is webgamestats.com?? ... a good question! ... we are a user-driven site where our members have the ability to enter and track statistics for selected sports.  Immediately after the statistics are saved, webgamestats.com automatically generates web pages detailing the individual & team statistics that can be viewed by anyone on the Internet.  These pages can be accessed from links established on the members main web site or via their our customized home page located on webgamestats.com.  In essence,  webgamestats.com is a service that enables members to publish and maintain an electronic Record Book/Media Guide that can be viewed by the media, the coaches, the athletes and their friends and families.

We have just recently launched our service to the general public.  Our current home page design is a composition of sample data and live information from subscribers we are currently working with.  Shortly, we will changing into a newpaper-style that will highlight and index information provided by our subscribers.  To learn more about this innovative, easy-to-use service, please click on one of the following links...

Featured Sites
To help highlight the versitility of webgamestats.com, we have the entire statistic history of the Cleveland Browns since their 1950 NFL debut. These unofficial stats are extremely accurate and current to the last game played. We invite you to click on the link above and browse to your hearts content.
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Men's B
Men's C
Upper Rec
Lower Rec
Women's Rec
In another example of using our site to track statistics on a League level, Lost Nation Sports Park located in Willoughby, OH uses our service to track the statistics for two of its most recent Basketball Leagues. Click on the appropiate link to view the standings and league stats.
The Empire Football League is a semi-professional football league that has been in existance since 1969.

The Mason_Dixon Football League is a Class AAA league that has been in existance since 1978.


The Northeastern Football Alliance is a 12-team league based mostly in upstate New York.